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Fighting the Spread

Covid-19 Protection

We at The Impact Hub recognize that it is vital that our emergency accommodation is a safe environment to continue services during pandemic. Therefore, we have invested into adapting our building by installing an Anti Covid-19 system developed by P4 Technology to fight the spread of Covid-19 amongst the most vulnerable people such as those experiencing homelessness.

We use Artificial Intelligence Thermal Imaging and detection cameras positioned at venues entrance to measure temperature and the presence of face coverings of anyone entering. The Camera and sensor technology can also manage room occupancy, social bubbles and manage the movement of our residents using bespoke software programs integrated with the Impact Hub.

99.9992% AIR Purification

Air Cleaning Units have provided us with the complete removal of contagious viruses, pathogens, and particulates to a level of accuracy of 99.9992%.
P4 technology makes products to stop the spread of covid-19 and the coronavirus
The patented electro-foil filtration technology has been tested and accredited at Porton Down. The technology reduces the risk of close-proximity transmission of infectious particles from person to person. Increases occupancy and reduces the need for maximum social distancing.