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Impact Hub

The Impact Hub is the only BAME led and Covid-19 adapted facility that offers a temporary accommodation service within South Wales.
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Who we are


We specifically offer our services to disadvantaged people experiencing homelessness and displacement which provides emergency accommodation along with multi-agency support services within the RCT area of South Wales.

Number of clients since march 2020

Number of clients since March 2020

Number of Current Clients

Number of Checked out Clients

Guest Future Tenancys After Their Residency At The Impact Hub

Guest future tenancy's after their residency at the Impact Hub

Number of guests that did not secure future tenancy

Number of guests that secured future tenancy

Number of guests where their tenancy is unknown

Long term tenancy

We promote a culturally appropriate and multi-agency approach to support homeless people and provide advocacy, sign posting and referral services to achieve a speedy long-term tenancy for people experiencing homelessness.

We pride ourselves to be the first step in assisting homelessness to secure and retain a long-term tenancy and have a proven track record of offering services which have a positive outcome in achieving tenancy retention as well as personal and social wellbeing.

Our Location

Our location allows for a safe, private as well as secluded environment to support the most challenging of circumstances that does not disrupt any local residential community.